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Bar Lavalle Restó, a first level cuisine d´autor and a customized attention, always priorizing our clients needs.

•  Sea Salad (mix green salad, green, pink salmon, kani kama, palmitos, corn, and lemon)
•  Rucula and Gruyere Salad (blue cheese, rucula, apples, nuts, croutons, almonds and mayonnaise of basil)
•  Prosciutto and mozzarella on mattress of rucula
•  Beet and Ciboulette Maltagliatis with Pig Ragout
•  Triangolis Four Cheeses
with Italian Sauce
•  Papardelles Neri Sepia
with Cream of Fungi and Puerros
•  Roll of Stuffed Back with Gruyere and Potatoes asiatic style
•  Gigot of Braised Lamb in Red Wine With Wedges of Sweet Potatoes
•  Chupín of the sea (pink salmon, mejillones, kani kama, mere, cilandro)
•  Carpaccio of Pink Salmon on Rucula Leaves, capers and subtle cream of anchovies
•  Spinach and ricota stuffed chicken on red rice
•  Sea and ground chicken filled with mussels and vegetables
•  Sweet of Mascarpone and Forest Fruits
Semifreddo coffee